Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What type of equipment do you use?
    We are currently working with DSLR cameras that have amazing and versatile video capabilities. Currently we are a Nikon shop, using unique lenses to create a variety of different looks. We also have audio recording equipment as well as microphones to enhance the sound quality in our films.
  • Who is the main videographer?
    Doug Key, who majored in Electronic Media Production, is the primary owner and operator of Key-Films. He and his wife, Kate Key, have shot weddings together both for photography as well as for video. Doug's wife, Kate Key, owns and operates Kate Key Photography, which specializes in portrait and wedding photography. Key-Films also operates a legitimate and insured operation.
  • Will I be able to freely post my video to YouTube and/or Facebook?
    Yes! Once you receive your film, you will be given written consent to display your trailer or commercial video as you wish on your social media. A small "Key-Films" logo will appear either at the beginning of your film or after to credit the artist. We encourage you to share your video with your family, friends, and customers!
  • Can I book both Key-Films and Kate Key Photography for my wedding?
    Yes, of course. To better serve our clients, we limit the number of our bookings per year and together we have shot many weddings. If both services are booked for the same day, there will be an additional trained videographer present for the day to ensure complete and full coverage. We are a husband and wife team and we work great together!
  • What do I do with my film after I receive it? How should I archive it?
    At Key-Films, we take the safety of your files very seriously and we make an extra effort to back up your information and store it both on-site as well as off-site after your project has been filmed. Once edited and delivered to you, it is highly recommended that you back up your film project on computer hard drives. As digital media changes, it is likely that your film will need to be transferred to newer technology to maintain it for years to come. All final projects will be delivered on DVD unless specifically noted in the contract. It is the client's responsibility to archive their files as digital media changes.
  • Will you travel for my wedding and/or project?
    Absolutely! We accept destination weddings as well as out of state projects. Please contact us for more details.